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Discover the world of Feudal. Create your character. Forge your kingdom. Conquer your enemies.

Feudal is a partial RPG plugin which lets player's create a kingdom, level up professions and attributes, and attack others. When we say attack other we mean actual FIGHTING. Feudal has a unique system to force players to fight each other. If you want to take someone's land you can not cowardly do so while they are offline. However, you can initiate this "challenge" while they are offline. A challenge does have work around for when players are offline, but players will most often fight while they are online. This provides a MUCH better multiplayer experience.

Many parts of Feudal avoid command usage and use inventory GUIs instead for point and click operations. This include the global market, character customization, assassin compass menu, and change profession menu.


Feudal has five main parts to it: Professions, Attributes, Kingdoms, Challenges, and the Market.

For more detailed information visit the Feudal wiki.

When a player begins they are obligated to choose a profession. Professions are divided into three groups: Peasant, Commoner, and Noble. Professions define a players total available land, land taxes, what attributes will be gained, and what items they can best sell. As a player levels up their profession, the attributes associated with the profession levels up as well

Attributes are like stats. There are five attributes: Strength, Toughness, Speed, Stamina, and Luck. Strength gives players more combat damage and dig speed. Toughness gives players more health and regeneration speed. Stamina makes it possible to run for a very long time with no food. Luck does many things including: Chance to avoid death, better drops, more xp, better enchantments, and more. Attributes are gained by doing your profession. Also, by default, there is an overall attribute cap which allows for uniqueness in gameplay.

A kingdom is a group of players associated with a group of land. Owning more land is reliant on how many members there are as well as their professions. Kingdoms can claim land which is connected to their previous land. The only way to get more land outside of their land is by challenging another kingdom and winning. Each kingdom has their own banner and they can place their banner on enemy land to start a challenge. Keep inventory is on if you die on your own land.

A challenge is how kingdoms fight each other. They force players to fight rather than using a TNT cannon on offline players. There are three stages to a challenge (which are simply explained to the player within that moment of the challenge)

  1. Waiting to be accepted - The defender is taxed at a linear rate until they accept the challenge or until they run out of money. (Time to prepare)
  2. Accepted, but both sides not online - If both sides fail to join at the same time then the attackers can only win if they were online 70% MORE than the defenders. This will rarely happen since there is a command to check the average times when a kingdom or player is online)
  3. FIGHTING - A scoreboard will appear for all kingdom members. They can teleport to the challenge and fight. Keep inventory is on ONLY during the challenge. This allows a player who has offline members to return to the fight and act like his other members. However, if you die and lose your inventory will be lost in the end.

Feudal has a built in price error detecting market. This market is used in an inventory GUI. It is incredible easy to use. The market consists of items sold by players. The market prices are also changed by a SUPPLY AND DEMAND feature!


Commands are listed and explained on the Feudal wiki here.

Feudal has multiple configs. Any configuration file in a folder inside the Feudal folder should NOT be edited while the plugin is running. Information and a tutorial for the configurations can be found on the Feudal wiki here.

All Feudal permissions are listed on the Feudal wiki here.

Feudal's main language is ENGLISH, but there is a language config which can be changed to any preferred language. There are pre-configured language files on the wiki pages which include: German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian, and Chinese. These files can be found here.


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